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Vehicle Tax – Buying a Car? Dont Get Caught Out!

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Vehicle Tax Changes

October 1st 2014 brought some new changes to vehicle tax from the DVLA. Whenever someone buys a new vehicle the vehicle tax will no longer be transferred with the vehicle. Which means as soon as you buy the vehicle you will need to get it immediately taxed. The vehicle tax paid by the previous owner will be refunded to them for the remaining tax paid until the next expiry date.

It’s Not Too Complex

Dont be too terrified by this new announcement. It actually sounds more complex then it is. The DVLA have made it possible to tax your vehicle online and even pay in monthly installments. Spreading the cost also makes it easier when you sell your vehicle to get refunded for the vehicle tax already paid, which at that point is only an months worth. As always you still need the V5C login book with the 11 digit reference number if the vehicle is registered in your name or the 12 digit reference number on your New Keeper Supplement V5C/2 if you have just bought it . You can still buy it at Post Office Branches that allow the purchase of vehicle tax.

Vehicle Tax is Still the Law

Vehicle tax remains a legal requirement so don’t forget and get caught out. There have been plenty of reports around the country telling horror stories of new owners getting caught out. They just bought their new vehicle, didn’t know about the changes only to be caught non taxed, clamped and in some cases towed.

The DVLA need to really start educating more people of these changes and start being lenient to those innocently not paying for vehicle tax the day they purchased it. We are doing all we can to get the message to all vehicle buyers that as soon as you buy your new vehicle sort out the vehicle tax otherwise you can face a hefty fine.

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To read the announcement change from DVLA click here.




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