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Tax Disc Reminder – Not just for your Car!

Traditionally the tax disc was always placed in the holder on the front windscreen of your car. Now that you are not required to display your disc by law, we have 3 suggested places you can stick the customized tax disc reminder you buy from us.

1. Tax Disc on your Fridge

The fridge is probably one of the most visited appliances in the house. Sticking your reminder on your fridge is definitely going to inform you when your Tax and MOT are falling due.

Tax Disc on your fridge

2. Tax Disc in your Wallet

If you don’t want to loose something a good place to put it is in your wallet. Unless your prone for misplacing your wallet! Human beings throughout the planet check their wallets at least every 45 seconds!Tax Disc in your wallet

3. Tax Disc on your Mirror

The majority of us look into the mirror at least once a day. So place a reminder on the mirror. Better yet the mirror located on the wall next to the front door could be a great place to put your reminder.Tax disc on mirror

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