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Looking for creative ways improve your Brand Exposure?

Brand exposure

Look no further. Tax Disc Remind me have created a Tax Disc Reminder so that the design on the front of the disc can be your company logo. Additional to the company logo it will also include the Tax and MOT expiry dates for your vehicles.

How can this help my companies brand exposure?

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to recognize the “Big Companies” logo when you see it. If we mention Coca-Cola, Barclays or Nike, you immediately know what the brand logo and even colors are. The reason you know is because these companies have spent so much time and money marketing their brand. For example when you go to McDonald’s and want to order a drink, Coca-Cola is the first thing that comes to your mind why because its written on the drinks container. Even if you decide to buy a Fanta the cup your drinking the Fanta from has the logo “Coca-Cola” written on it. Coca-Cola understand that any way of exposing their brand is a good thing.

Taking as many opportunities to expose your brand is a good thing for marketing your business and it’s products. Having a Tax Disc Reminder branded with your logo on it whilst it sits on the front of your car makes you unique to your competition. Anyone who sees it are going to be impressed at the effort you went to, to get such a unique product with your brand showing on it. It may look like you went to a lot of effort but the truth is buying them from us is very easy.

The process of ordering a branded Tax Disc Reminder

It could not be simpler. Follow the three steps as illustrated below. If you want to order bulk Tax Disc Reminders for more then 1 vehicle please call us on 0203 488 0495.

Step 1-3 of ordering CompanyTax Disc reminder


Order your Company a Tax Disc Reminder for your fleet of vehicles and enhance your branding exposure. Be the first! It will give you bragging rights. Buy Online Today!


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